Monday, August 31, 2009

How to Do Everything | Adobe Photoshop CS4

How to Do Everything | Adobe Photoshop CS4

Published by: McGraw-Hill | eBook Publish Date: April 21, 2009
Print ISBN: 0071605223
RS | PDF | 10.10MB


ebook: Mastering Maya 2009

Mastering Maya 2009 | 31MB

Paperback: 1072 pages
Publisher: Sybex; Pap/DVD edition (April 27, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470392207
ISBN-13: 978-0470392201
Format: PDF

The Ultimate Maya 2009 Resource for Intermediate to Advanced Users If you already know the basics of Maya, now you can elevate your skills with Maya 2009 and the advanced coverage in this authoritative new reference and tutorial. From modeling, texturing, animation, and visual effects to high-level techniques for film, television, games, and more, this book provides professional-level instruction on Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited.
This fully updated book brings you up to speed on Maya 2009's new features and expands your skills with advanced instruction on cloth, fur, and fluids. You'll learn Dynamics, Maya Muscle, Stereo Cameras, Assets, rendering with mental ray, and more. Filled with challenging tutorials and real-world scenarios from some of the leading professionals in the industry, this one-of-a-kind guide gives you valuable insight into the entire CG production pipeline.


e-book : PHP Programming Solutions 1st Edition (With Source Code)

PHP Programming Solutions 1st Edition (With Source Code)
07 2007 | English | ISBN: 9780071487 | 577 Pages | PDF | 6.2 MB

PHP Programming Solutions is a full-fledged developer guide with two primary goals: to deliver solutions to commonly encountered problems, and to educate developers about the wide array of built-in functions and ready-made PHP widgets available to them. Task-based categorization makes it easy to locate solutions, and each section comes with working code, a detailed explanation, and applicable usage tips and guidelines. The solutions described use both PHP’s native functions and off-the-shelf PEAR classes.
PHP Programming Solutions includes coverage of a wide variety of categories, including string and number manipulation, input validation and security, authentication, caching, XML parsing, database abstraction, and more.

The solutions are intended to :
(1) simplify and shorten the application development cycle;
(2) reduce test time;
(3) improve quality;
and (4) provide you, the developer, with the tools you need to quickly solve real PHP problems with minimal time and fuss.

Simplify and shorten the PHP application development cycle using the in-depth information contained in this hands-on guide. PHP Programming Solutions clearly lays out more than 250 programming challenges alongside practical solutions, functioning code, detailed explanations, and usage tips.

Inside, you’ll learn to manipulate strings and arrays, work with HTML and Web pages, accept and validate user input, parse XML code, and resolve programming problems using PEAR and PECL widgets and extensions. Plus, you’ll get detailed coverage of PHP security issues, SQL database interaction, debugging techniques, and error processing.

* Work with numbers, strings, dates, times, files, and directories
* Build complex data structures using PHP’s array manipulation API
* Use functions and classes to build modular, reusable code
* Create, update, and cache HTML documents and Web content
* Obtain and process user input submitted via online forms
* Protect, log, and debug PHP script actions
* Authenticate and track users with sessions and cookies
* Traverse, validate, and transform XML documents
* Store and retrieve data from MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases
* Interface with different server types, network protocols, and file formats
* Perform efficient exception handling and error processing